Workshop: Sharing the Burden? Public Values, Attitudes, and Preferences about Climate Policy

21-22nd February 2019, Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm.

Organizer: Malcolm Fairbrother.


Presentations will address questions like:

  • Under what conditions are (different kinds of) people more or less willing to "pay", in some sense, for policies aimed at preventing climate change?
  • Are people misinformed about the scale of the costs they might need to bear to address climate change? Are they confused about the functioning of the policies? Sceptical about their effectiveness?
  • Are people willing to pay the costs, or share the burden, of some kinds of policies more than others?
  • What are the relevant values, normative principles, or ethical intuitions of the public? (Or of different segments of the public in different countries?)


Malcolm Fairbrother Umeå+IFFS, SE sociology

Zorzeta Bakaki Essex, UK political science

Stefano Carattini GSU,USA economics

Larry Hamilton NH, USA sociology

Niklas Harring Gothenburg, SE political science

Mark Jaccard SFU, CA economics (remote participant)

Sverker Jagers Gothenburg, SE political science

Ingemar Johansson Sevä Umeå, SE sociology

Kirsti Jylha IFFS, SE psychology

Aya Kachi Basel, CH political science

Steffen Kallbekken Oslo, NO economics

Joakim Kulin Umeå, SE sociology

Erick Lachapelle Montréal, CA political science

Sandy Marquart-Pyatt MSU, USA sociology

Simon Matti Luleå, SE political science

Megan Mullin Duke, USA political science

Rachael Shwom Rutgers, USA sociology

Jonas Sonnenschein Lund, SE economics (remote participant)

Linda Steg Groningen, NL psychology

Håkon Sælen Oslo, NO political science

Kevin Tam UST, Hong Kong psychology