Workshop: Severe uncertainty and climate policy: Perspectives from philosophy and economics

25-26th April 2019, Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm.

Organizer: Orri Stefánsson.


Agenda (preliminary):

April 25 (Thursday)

09:15 Introduction and welcome

09:30 Daniel Heyen: “Managing the precaution-efficiency trade-off with a flexible margin of safety”

10:45 Richard Bradley: “Pricing catastrophe insurance when the science is uncertain”

12:00 Lunch at Bistro Boheme

13:30 Anna Mahtani: “Accommodating awareness growth”

14:45 Marie-Louise Vierø: “An intertemporal model of growing awareness”

16:00 Fika

16:30 H. Orri Stefánsson: “What is so bad about a climate catastrophe?”

19:00 Dinner at Miss Clara


April 26 (Friday)

09:30 Daniel Steel: “Climate change and the collapse of civilization: how uncertain is the risk?”

10:45 Elizabeth Baldwin: “Choosing in the dark: Incomplete preferences, and climate policy”
12:00 Lunch at Bistro Boheme

13:30 Per Wikman-Svahn: “Value-inertia in worst-case scenarios”

14:45 Sven Ove Hansson: “Distinguishing between decision-relevant and decision-irrelevant uncertainties”

16:00 Fika and goodbyes



Elizabeth Baldwin [Economist, Oxford] 

Richard Bradley [Philosopher, LSE] 

Marie-Louise Vierø [Economist, Queens]

Anna Mahtani [Philosopher, LSE] 

Wendy Parker [Philosopher, Durham] 

Per Wikman-Svahn [Philosopher, KTH] 

Sven Ove Hansson [Philosopher, KTH] 

Anthony Millner [Economist, LSE]

Daniel Steel [Philosopher, UBC] 

Daniel Heyen [Economist, ETH Zurich]