Climate Ethics Resources

Resources written by project members

  • The Non-Identity Problem , Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (written by program member Melinda Roberts).
  • The Repugnant Conclusion , Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (written by program PI Gustaf Arrhenius).
  • Population Axiology, Philosophy Compass (written by program member Hilary Greaves).
  • , a free web application to generate box diagrams from utility distribution tables (developed by associated researcher Daniel Ramöller).


External resources

Scientific Reports on Climate Change

  • Summary for Policymakers
  • The Physical Science Basis (Video)
  • Social, Economic, and Ethical Concepts and Methods Mitigation of Climate Change, Chapter 3 of AR5: Mitigation of Climate Change (outlining ethical issues related to climate change, co-lead authored by program member John Broome)
  • "A Philosopher at the IPCC" (by program member John Broome, on his experience as an author on a chapter of the IPCC's AR5).


  • Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (Summary for Policymakers), Intergovernmental Science-Policy
  • Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) (2019)
  • Assessing The Post-2020 Clean Energy Landscape, World Resources Institute (2015)
  • World Energy Outlook, International Energy Association (2018)
  • Shock Waves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty, World Bank
    Emissions Gap Report 2018, United Nations Environmental Program (2018)
  • US National Climate Assessment, US Global Change Research Program (2018)
  • State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2018, World Bank (2018)


Science and policy-oriented websites about climate change and related issues

  • Carbon Brief: A UK-based website covering developments in climate science and climate and energy policy. Excellent source for science and policy explainers and analysis

Useful explainers

  • How Integrated Assessment Models are Used to Study Climate Change
  • The Social Cost of Carbon


  • Climate Home News: A London-based website covering climate and energy news
  • Earth's CO2: Tracking global atmospheric CO2 concentration
  • Global Warming Index: Tracking the human-caused rise in global average temperature
  • Climate Watch: A searchable database of global and country-level historical emissions
  • Carbon Footprint: A personal and household carbon footprint calculator
  • Our World in Data: Oxford-based website specializing in interactive data visualizations on long-term global trends
  • World Bank Open Data: Open-access global development data from the World Bank